They are the few.
We are the many.
We have the power.
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America is in a desperate state, and it is not just because of Donald J. Trump. Our problems are bigger than any one man. He is merely a symptom of a corrupt fascist system whose puppeteers believe in elite privelege, corporate rule, and dog-eat-dog competition that impoverishes people and destroys both families and entire communities.

Unless we overthrow our dysfunctional system, there will be more Donald Trumps in our future.
Make no mistake about it, this abhorrent behavior isn't limited to the Republican Party. Over the past several decades, life-long Democrats have watched the total disintegration of their party into a corrupt, festering cesspool of unbridled power, dark and dirty money, and fradulent elections. There is no real difference between the two parties.There is only the illusion of choice.

Before we can make any real change, we must stop believing in false narratives.
It is clear that, while we do not all agree on the specific tactics required to effect a real transformation in our government, we recognize that we must band together in this battle for the common good.

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They are the few. We are the many. We have the power.