They are the few.
We are the many.
We have the power.

 Jobs, Justice, the Climate and Peace

Quality Jobs

  • We demand $15/hr as the wage floor and nothing less
  • We demand an end to disastrous trade agreements that ship our jobs overseas
  • We must ensure that our trade partner nations pay their workers a living wage in order to create family-supporting economies
  • We believe that both unions and workers must fight "right to work" legislation which is nothing more than union busting and an assault on workers' wages


  • We know our currency is sovereign; we demand that our government provide quality health care for all, good jobs at a decent living wage, and free education
  • While we support comprehensive immigration reform, we demand that all undocument workers currently here be given a path to citizenship
  • We demand an end to racial profiling, and we demand that all incidences of police brutality be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
  • We demand that the federal government honor all treaties signed with Native Americans, and respect that their land is sovereign


  • We call on our government to invest in renewable energy (solar, wind, water) instead of environmetally-destructive practices such as fracking
  • We demand transfer to a "green" economy that puts our planet over profits
  • We demand that our government work in concert with other nations to stop the advance of climate change
  • We demand an end to the construction of accident-prone pipelines such as DAPL and Keystone XL

  • We reject the notion of endless war as a business model to feed the never-ending greed of the war profiteers
  • We stand against America's imperialist interventionist aggression that seeks to overthrow foreign governments, kills innocent people, and displaces millions of others
  • We call on our government to return to diplomacy to solve problems of state, and reject our destructive "pre-emptive" strike strategy
  • Since 2001, more than 130,000 troops have come home from war and committed suicide; we demand that our government care for those who have served their country

We Support a New Solidarity for the Common Good

Placing People and Planet Over Profits

We believe in a new solidarity for this country that puts the needs of the many above the wants of the few oligarchs currently in control of our lives.

We support the formation of a strong third opposition party that puts people and planet over profits.
We call on the Green Party, Socialist Alternative, Democratic Socialists of America, the Progressive Independent Party and others to join with we the people to put aside egos and form a third party of the 99%.

They are the few. We are the many. We have the power.