They are the few.
We are the many.
We have the power.

Join the Resistance and Take Back Power

"Reform will come, and only come, through the building of mass movements and alternative centers of power that can overthrow -- let me repeat that word for Homeland Security -- overthrow the corporate state. If we fail to sever these chains, we will become like many who did not rise up in time to save their civil society's human chattel.This means we too must defy the law and engage in civil disobedience."

- Chris Hedges

Commit to Join the Labor Day General Strike!

On September 5, we call on all American farmers, nurses, doctors, teachers, police, firefighters, bartenders, auto workers, steel workers, dock workers, health care workers, waitresses and waiters, cooks, cleaners, fast-food clerks, bank tellers, truck drivers, pilots, postal workers, coal miners, supervisors and managers -- even the retired and unemployed -- to support our general strike.

On September 5, we serve no bosses. We do not clean the homes of the elites, cook their food, bathe their children, or drive them to school.
On September 5, we are not consumers. We do not go to stores, restaurants or shopping malls. We do not go to liquor stores or buy gasoline for our cars. In fact, we do not drive our cars if possible. We do not shop online.

September 5 should be a day of disruption and mass action. We can practice non-violent civil disobedience and shut down roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure.

We have the power to send a powerful message to Washington about who is in charge: We the People.


They are the few. We are the many. We have the power.