They are the few.
We are the many.
We have the power.

Support Single Payer

Demand Health Care as a Human Right by Supporting HR 676
  1. Cradle to Grave
    America has the most expensive health care in the world. We are the only developed nation that does not offer universal health care. We have enough to provide every American with quality health care from cradle to grave. This would cover everything, including mental health, dental, chiropractic and other services.
  2. HR 676 Passage is Overdue!
    This is the same bill that John Conyers has introduced in the House for more than ten years. It is critical that the Senate version of this bill have the exact same wording.
  3. We Must Demand This!
    The Trump administration is in the process of dismantling Obamacare and replacing it with a restrictive program. This must not stand! NOW IS THE TIME TO DEMAND SINGLE PAYER. This is on us. The Democrats have put this on the back burner once again for political expediency.
  4. Let Your Support Be Seen!
    Please show your support for HR676 on your windows, doors, on your vehicles. Put signs up in your neighborhoods. Encourage your neighbors to take part in this effort! It's time for the American people to be seen and heard. This is on us. It has always been on us. We became too complacent and expected politicians to "do the right thing." They rarely do without public pressure.
  5. Educate the Public
    Talk to people. Do a "stand out" at a farmer's market or another civic event. Hand out flyers. . Encourage people to watch Michael Moore's SICKO and T.R. Reid's "Healing of America." Both are on YouTube. Please note that I am not including a link here because sometimes they are removed. You should search for both. You will find them.
  6. Contact Congress
    To reach all of your representatives, text RESIST to 50409.Then type: The time has come for National Improved Medicare for ALL via HR676. Cosponsor this bill or you will be VOTED OUT! Call your representative in D.C. at 202-224-3121. THIS IS NOT A ONE-OFF, FOLKS. IT MUST BE DONE EVERY DAY AND PLEASE HELP BY SPREADING THE WORD!

Nationalized Non-Profit Health Care is Long Overdue! Support HR676!

Our elderly and disabled receive federally-funded services called Medicare. When these people visit a doctor, they do not have several different insurances.

They have a Single Payer of their bill.

Passage of HR 676 on a national level is overdue. Your Democratic Party has put it on the back burner, and the adoption of Medicare for All in California was sabotaged by a Democrat. We can no longer rely on our corrupt politicians to lead the charge.

We must:

  • Stop asking and start demanding.
  • Make our HR676 support visible in our neighborhoods.
  • Spread the word by talking about it.
  • Contact Congress relentlessly.
  • For those who are in D.C. or who can get to D.C., continue the civil disobedience in the halls of Congress!

Hand out flyers! Leave them on cars in your neighborhoods or at shopping centers! Here is a link where it can be downloaded:

They are the few. We are the any. We have the power.